Welcome to the Wrath of Zura! This campaign is an epic journey that spans three different realms and multiple monarchy’s across the ages. Time Travel, Teleportation, Ancient Evil Gods and Ratfolk. Combat will only take you so far, with so many different houses controlling the land, diplomacy will absolutely be required.

Quick Information:

Who’s Zura?
Pathfinder Deity: Zura
Zura is believed to be the first vampire in all of creation. Supposedly she was an ancient Azlanti queen who possessed a lust for eternal life so great she eventually resorted to feeding on her own kind. Even thousands of years later, people still whisper the legends of her decadent, savage feasts and her baths of warm human blood.

What realms will this campaign take place in?
The “Wrath of Zura” is split up among three major realms. The earthen realm of Terra’il, with majestic mountain ranges and rich ore veins that never seem to run dry. The burnt realm of Fir’il, filled lush forests and active volcanoes. The drowned realm of Aquar’il, nearly submerged in water and dotted with Nomadic Wanderers.

How long does the campaign last?
The campaign is slated to last a run of 52 total sessions. It is currently broken up into different modules to help with the massive time investment to complete it. Players are not expected to play from session 1 to session 52 unless they are willing to do so.

Experience Rate? Fast/Medium/Slow?
Experience is passed out at the beginning of the following session where experience was earned (i.e. next session.) The game follows a medium experience progression.

Can I be anything?
Players are limited to races in the pathfinder core rulebook and limited races from the advanced players rulebook. Classes are limited to official Paizo classes. Homebrewed classes and races will not be allowed in this current game.

Where can the resources be found that we’re using?
I always recommend using official paizo books and pdfs, however, for reference we have been using the “Masterwork Tools” for pathfinder on the android market.

Rule of thumb: If it has a source book that can be purchased from Paizo or in the Masterwork Tools app, you can feel free to use the material. Otherwise, contact me via email or texting and we can hammer something out..

Where will the game be played?
Currently? My House! The game can be moved based on the needs of the party.

Can I jump in mid-campaign? How does character death work?
Yes! Absolutely. Players can plug and play into the campaign as long as it has been discussed prior to the absence or the entrance. Characters will die in the campaign, when you run the game for 52 sessions you tend to have deaths happen here and there. When a player character dies, they will be removed from the session for the remainder of that evening and they will rejoin the campaign next week with their new character.

New Characters always begin 2 levels below the combined CL of the party. Please allow me the courtesy of knowing your characters back story prior to entering the game so I can write in a halfway decent entrance for your PC.

Wrath of Zura

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