Wrath of Zura

The Journey thus far...

A brief recap of the Adventure

Hello Traveler, Do you have time for a tale?

Have you ever heard of Zura? What of her worshipers? How about the brave adventurers who hunted for the truth?

Good news! We’re going to find out in time. However, until you have all either fallen down and given up or you’ve saved the princess…this is going to be our “Journals” of sorts. I would like to have this be a Point-of-View (PoV) retelling of what has happened around you or to your character. Do try to keep this knowledge with tags or information around META talk. It’s fine, just keep it either on the forum or to a minimum.


The brave party met in a strange tavern in a strange place. Quickly after meeting each other, the town was engulfed in magical flames. Searching for answers, the party defeats a band of goblins, and fights against Shark Warriors. After defeating their many teethed foes, the group stumbles across a Magical Scroll. Soon after, set on by powerful spell casters, the party loses possession of the scroll and begins to wander through town. Coming upon a Magical Emporium, they’re offered Magical Pins by a shady looking wizard.

Once the pins were attached, the party zoomed off to the land of Fir’il via teleportation. Landing in a peaceful grassy plain with an active volcano looming above, the party ventures into the nearby forest in search of shelter for the night. After traveling for a short duration, they came upon a dangerously thick portion of the woods and incredibly large animated vines attached to wooded pustules. Slaying the Animated Vines and traveling onwards, the party stumbles across a group of exiled knights.

The exiled knights desperately ask for the bands assistance with tracking down and killing the false emperor Pariro K’lax. Agreeing with trepidation, they continue forward and attempt to infiltrate the town…failing spectacularly by asking the guards about Pariro K’lax and fight their way through the small hamlet to a large manor. Continuing the fight into the manor the party suffers devastating casualties leaving only two of the original cast alive. After several magical surges and ominous screaming from the floors above, the manor shakes violently for a brief spell and then settles atop a mountain. Exploring the manor and desecrating an idol of Zura, the party travels down an ornate stone staircase to a tiny gothic town.

Much time has passed and the party has grown weary, searching for a place to stay and chasing down their depressed wizard, the party stumbles upon both of the taverns in town. The golden thistle, and the bearded dragon. After inspecting both of the taverns, the wizard is thrown out of the golden thistle and with the quick thinking of the summoner, they strike up a deal to shut down the bearded dragon and never have to worry about room and board again.

Strolling down the streets through a bazaar the groups druid and summoner happen upon a lone cavalier and his trusty camel. Following the two based on ill intent and the need to uphold honour, the cavalier tags along. Rejoining the other members of the party and making it to the bearded dragon, the front door is ripped clean off of the hinges. Ratfolk claw marks are found around the frame. The party investigates the interior and discovers a secret passage to below the tavern.

Following another set of ornate stone stairs the party is spit out into a large antechamber with a few paths branching off. Searching through the north passage reveals an ornate wooden chest. The oracle opens the chest and chompers flies into her inventory. Two blood golems and a coral golem fall through the ceiling and fight the party. Defeating the large foes, they venture through the east most passage and find a small room and a single locked door.

Keen eyes and fast thinking opens the door with magical means from the other side of the room setting off the trap and revealing another long passage with another locked door. After several more rooms and traps similar to the last the party stumbles on a party of ratfolk lookouts. “How did you get here? What are you doing here?” they call out to the injured party. “We were just exploring, my friend!” the dwarf druid calls out. The Wizard feels a change of heart after being shot with an arrow ‘Yes! We were just exploring! How did you get here?’

“Well, it’s much easier to show you. What do you know of the Skitter Swarm?”
‘Nothing, my friend! Is that your clan?’
“Aye. Skial will want to see you. Follow us if you would” the smaller tinkerer cries out, sheathing his small crossbow and turning to walk towards the locked door with the lanky troubleshooter sliding close to them. Without any time for the party to react the larger tinkerer throws a tincture onto the floor and they all disappear except for their footprints.

“Just follow our footsteps. It’s easy!”

Attempting to follow their advice, the party follows through the booby trapped hallway following their footsteps and setting off several traps. Which include but are not limited to: Burned, Crushed, and Smushed. Eventually pouring out back into the main cistern through a hidden passage, they’re led to the western facing tunnel and into another large cistern overlooking a large ratfolk city bustling with activity and commerce. It’s evening time for the ratfolk people and their dinner carts are littering the streets and children and adults yelling in undercommon.

Following the wall the party climbs down a narrow set of stairs circling the western cistern several times eventually spilling them into a single file column to the city. Entering the new town they’re lead through the front gates and past a well kept arcane workshop and a public smith as well as a shoddy looking weapons shop and the local barracks. Entering a large longhouse reveals a hearty and laughing tavern full of warriors and workers enjoying their evening spirits going about their evening business. Standing in a salute the bartender calls out for a moment of the tinkerers time. The men talk in private while the bar drowns out their conversation.

“Come on! Follow me upstairs!”

Whisked off by the maids and patrons alike, it was as if the very bar itself wanted them to go upstairs and get out of their way. Following the rickety staircase they are brought to a single large room with three small beds. Unlocking the door and turning to face the party the tinkerer instructs the party to go inside. “Alright, go inside. I need to go speak with Skial and see what to do with you. Yes, You’ll be fed. No, You’re not prisoners. Please just stay in this room.” talking over several party members as they try to speak up. Reluctantly the party enters the room and the door is locked behind them.

Settling into their arrangements the party assembles more sleeping arrangements and sets up guard watch while they rest for the evening. During the night the druid is called to another plane and appears at the base of a large volcano, the very same volcano found in Fir’il. Pitted against the malicious humour of an outsider, the druid is told to prepare dinner while different cooking utensils and pots and pans fall from the sky striking at the druid and around him. Eventually preparing a dinner for the outsider he is whisked back to his plane. To the druid it has felt like an entire day in the other realm, while in reality it has only been ten minutes in his original plane. Hearing sounds coming from beyond the wall, the druid investigates to find an intelligent wooden javelin named “Xul” who immediately devotes himself to the druids god. Annoyed and ready for bed, the dwarf retires while the cavalier sighs and lays face down attempting to sleep with all this noise.

Morning comes and a loud bang can be heard at the door. “Hey! Come on out, I’ve unlocked the door. I’m here to discuss the plans for your stay here and I may have a job for you!” Following his call they rush out to discuss their plan on staying here for a period of time. “While you walked in, I imagine you saw the large bronze gates? Did you happen to notice that they weren’t shut but left ajar? Did you happen to notice that the chains on the inside are missing and the weights are nowhere to be found? Well we didn’t either until it had already happened. I need you to find out what happened. If you can do this, you can always call Krer your home. You’ll be welcomed as honoured citizens!” Enticed by the idea of a clean bed and a hot shower, the party quickly agrees and sets out to investigate the town and find out what happened to the gate.




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