Wrath of Zura

The Journey Thus Far . . . (Turin P.O.V.)

At least the start of things.

Turin Firewalker
Hello, Seeker of Knowledge.

I am Turin Firewalker, of the Firewalker clan. I, too, am a Seeker. I understand the need to learn, to understand the world only the way one of us could. You understand, so I need not go on, but today I will recant our tale, as only a Seeker could.

It started a tavern, as most tales such as this do. I wondered in looking for a place to rest after my journey from Fir’il. I had finally gotten to places where my knowledge had begun to fade, and their were fresh things to learn. I met wary travelers, and we had begun sharing our tales. While the festivities where continuing, we begun to notice that there was fire coming from outside. This was unlike the fire from home, and i had to investigate. As travelers, we began investigating the fires. When we stepped outside, however, our attention was turned to a pack of Goblins, who approached us. We fought them, pushing them back into another tavern across the way. As we entered, we saw men with heads of Sharks. Seeing us, they attacked. We fought valiantly, each destroying our foes. After the battle, it became very quiet. We found a chest nearby, and we could tell that there were not any traps. Unfortunately, we were wrong.



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