Wrath of Zura

Da Shit That Happend To Me

My story thus far

My part in this story starts like many of day to me. Me waking up in bar room. My lying on a table with last nights empty ale mugs placed in traps around my head by the bar winch. I look around the room and see the rag tag bunch that Unbeknownst to me would soon become my traveling mates. Then the fire started and everything in my life changed.

The next part of my story my sound like a drunks half imaged tale but trust me every part is true. As i sit in the bar ordering my first ale of the day. A fire that did not burn anything started all over in the city. As me and the others in the run out to see what was happening we run into a group of goblins. With no luck of reason with the beast the would use such event to try and rob us. We had no other action but to strike them down. After fighting them and some half shark men i found myself with this group of me at the town Magical Emporium. With pins put on by half are party and the other half had them forced on them we transported to the land of fire.
There we landing in what seemed to be some sort of woods. We found some knights we thought we looking for us. With orders to kill. With what we had been though and not wanting to take chances again we took care of the group of knights before they could take care of us. We wondered for a while until we came to a clearing in the woods in witch one of are greatest battles as the starting group happen. Fighting what seem to be the woods them selves. Much power was gained in the end for all. Yet the Purple Pox we left with was harder to kill then any venereal disease i have ever had.
We wondered some more till we found a boat filled with yet more knights. Needing place to rest are head and finding these knights not with orders to kill us. We jump aboard there ship with very little second thought. That caption of the ship is still to this day the most vile woman one could every meet. The only good that every come form he was being put on the start of the path of finding Pariro K’lax. The one thought to be behind the to kill orders of my group of traveling mates, Giving very little info and set out side a city in which she thought him to be hiding in was the last time i seen all my mates alive.
Walking to the gates of the compound one of the less smart of the party made talk of Pariro K’lax. From there on out it was us fighting every guard in the city to try and get to the large home believed to be his stronghold. In the battle just trying to get to the home one of my mates fell in battle and the other has never been seen since. Me the the wizard the had now became close friend hid in a small hut for the night. As morning came the shit that had dropped us of and hand sent reinforcements to are aid. With two new people to help are group we chose to storm the house. Making are way in we face slugs that the wizard took care of in the way they normally do. With much over kill he bow the slugs do death and we made are way into the house.
Once inside the house we wear once set in battle with many of knights. In this battle i watched as another one of my friends fell to the guard of the so called emperor Pariro K’lax. After what seem like every one was dead the house its self started to scream. When it had stopped we found are selves transported once again. As well as temple Zura. Exploring more of this new building we were in found a deck of many things. That the wizard till this day reads form no matter how many times it about kills him. From here we made are way to the city below.
The wizard of are new group show how changed by what had happen to him. Run ahead are party and found us two bars. While i just wanted to drink and shower at the first bar i had came to in a very long time my group had other ideas. The wizard some how angering the only man in town that sold me in ale. In order to shower and drink i had was told to go put other bar out of work. With that i head out with the other members of this new party in order to do the job we were just hired for and stop my friend from angering the town why doing it. On are way we came found a man with like hart and a soul the somehow was very close to us. With out much word joined are group and we went to put out everyone in the other bar.
When we got there it looked like someone had done are jobs for us. The bar had been ransacked and not soul was in sight. Looking closer we found a path to what looked like the city sewer. With party like mine the only way to go ever is forward and so we did. Fighting golems and making are way though countless booby traps we find three ratfolk. They tell of of a city under the city. From they take us to the inn and lock us in for the night. In the morning what seem to be one of there leaders tells us we can stay as long we do a job form him. Find out who open the door down to the under city in the first place. The party flush with money and need time to make new armor and rest took him up on his deal.
The rest of more story is soon to come. As for now. A save place from all the death around me is more than i could ask for.



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